Clare's Story

Over 40 years ago, while in high school, I was in a severe car accident  that kept me in traction in the hospital for over six months.

 My injuries consisted of a compound fracture of my left femur, and fractures of both my tibia and fibula. My ankle was also affected because of the fractures and I developed a severe drop foot. After months of therapy, I was able to walk independently on my own, without crutches or a foot brace. As time went on the nerve pain in my foot got better and my foot drop continued to improved. As years went on, I became a nurse and mom - life was busy!

 At the time, my right leg was good, as was my foot.  In 2010, I started to notice that my left leg was turning in, no pain, but very noticeable. In 2013 I went to see an orthopedic doctor and was fitted for a brace to keep my leg straight. At that time, my left foot started to give me a lot of nerve and arthritic pain.

 In 2015 my leg and shoulder started to be painful, and I had decreased range of motion. I spent months in Physical Therapy, but the pain and decrease in motion did not improve. I saw two orthopedic doctors, and after an x-ray and a MRI, both orthopedic physicians said I needed a total shoulder replacement. I was so discouraged. I felt like my left scapula was stuck and I couldn’t rotate my arm.

 That September, I fell and injured my right leg. My surgery was already scheduled in Boston for February of 2016 for my left leg, so I had that surgery, which included a total knee replacement. November of 2016 I also had a total knee replacement on my right knee. I had months of physical therapy.

 My first visit with Kaela was in March of 2017. No words could describe how I felt after one session, it was amazing. I felt I had finally found the person who could help me. I have continued to have treatment almost every week since. My left shoulder is still a challenge, but my scapula doesn’t feel stuck, and my movement has improved. My left foot never felt attached to me, because of all the nerve pain and decreased movement. Kaela has done amazing work on my foot, and it now feels a part of me and human. She also treats my neck, back and legs.  

I am now back to work as a nurse working 32 hours. If not for Kaela, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. The massage with the tool treatment combined has made it possible for me to walk and enjoy my days. 


In working with Clare over these past three years, I have had the pleasure in getting to know her very well. And let me tell you, she is a person of incredible strength. In addition to being a mother of five, Clare has been a nurse at Hasbro Children’s hospital for many years – caring for Rhode Island families and their children, predominately working in oncology and hematology.  

When Clare first came to me, looking for pain relief, I was determined to provide her with results. The injuries she has sustained throughout the years, from severe fractures, to joint replacements, to “frozen” joints, left me with a long list of ailments to address.  

 Today Clare no longer suffers from the same pain she endured for years. This work can truly improve someone’s quality of life!

 In sharing Clare’s story, I hope that you have a renewed or deepened appreciation for massage therapy – or perhaps a heightened curiosity overall for alternative ways of healing. In addition to soft-tissue work, Clare regularly works with a Pilates instructor. This assisted exercise work really permits Clare to exercise in a manner that is both healthy and challenging for her body.

Kaela Gentile
Client Spotlight

Hello. My name is Emerson Kilgore.

I am a former Arena and Division 1 Football player.

I have been going to Kaela for about 3 years.


When I started going to Kaela, I was at a point in my life that I was changing my lifestyle. I had just lost a good amount of weight - 90 lbs to be exact - and I wanted to stay in shape. I was working out regularly and feeling the benefits of this new change.


However, with working out, my muscles and joints were getting tight and very sore. Kaela was recommended to me by the former gym owner at Epic Hybrid Training. Once the connection was made, I started going to Kaela on a consistent basis. She is a very pleasant person with a great talent.  It took a few sessions before I was starting to get mobility and flexibility back in my body.


With continuous sessions, along with stretching and other strategies from Kaela, the many aches and pains that I was dealing with were going away. I continue to visit her on a bi-weekly basis to continue the progress that I have been making since I first started with her. I am very grateful for Kaela and her work and highly recommend anyone with any minor to major aches and pains to schedule an appointment with her.


Kaela Gentile
What to Expect?

If you have never before received a Professional Massage, you may have quite a few questions and/or reservations. Not to worry! 

I can personally relate to the initial apprehension. That is why I would like to elaborate in this post, and hopefully help in answering some of the uncertainties you may have going through your mind.


First, I will personally share, that without a doubt, Massage Therapy has made an incredible impact in my life. This work has not only aided in healing many of my physical injuries, but has largely served in stress management.  

I like to think of receiving a massage as a “re-set button”

After having a session, I feel like a better version of myself. I am drastically less stressed, and often, if not always, relieved of any plaguing pain I had been experiencing prior. I walk away from a treatment feeling ready to re-enter the world with a lightened spirit and a better outlook on life.

I hope to share a similar experience with you!


Upon arriving to your initial appointment, you will have an intake form, filled with questions pertaining to your present-day health as well as your health history

 Next, we will go over your specific treatment goals. I will ask you to describe, as best as you can, your type of pain or discomfort, and where you are feeling it in your body. All of this information is taken into careful consideration when planning how to best address your current situation. After sharing, I will then come up with a treatment plan unique to you!

Your treatment plan will consider several different factors. Taking into account things like, what you do for work, how often you are exercising, and overall, how you are using your body on a daily basis.

After developing a basic understanding of how you are using your body, I will then need to know of any past physical trauma you may have experienced, that you feel comfortable sharing. For example, any surgeries, car accidents, significant falls, broken bones, etc.


The thought process here is to think “outside the box” or three-dimensionally – considering all potential factors involved in what has contributed in creating your specific ailment(s).


After discussing what your goals are for treatment, I will then show you to the treatment room. Here I will explain how to get set up, and familiarize you with the assortment of tools I often implement into sessions.


Often, clients will ask, “Will I be naked?”, or “What do I wear?” Simply put, you will always remain appropriately covered throughout the entirety of the session. Generally, I will ask that clients undrape down to what they are comfortable with.


Your comfortability is paramount to me. I only ask clients to undrape fully when their areas of pain or tension involve the upper hip region. Otherwise, basic protocol for undraping is down to under garments, under the linens. Clients will always remain covered by the sheets throughout the session. Draping techniques were strongly emphasized in school and I have mastered it -  so no worries!


During the session you may wonder, “Am I supposed to talk?”, or “should I remain silent?”


I have clients that talk the entire time, and I have others who are very quiet. At times, useful communication is needed within a session. I may ask your level of comfortability, or I may need important feedback as to what you are feeling in your body at that moment. Talking can at times help someone to relax and it can develop trust between the client and therapist.


I would like to add that excessive amounts of irrelevant conversation make it more challenging for me to focus on what I am doing. For those who may be talking in excess, I may guide you with a deep breath to help you refocus on why you are here, and to help you check in and experience what you are feeling in your body.


 In my opinion, it’s important to be present for deep healing to take place. I also will make it a point that I do have certain boundaries within conversations - I have no problem in making it clear to clients when they have crossed into inappropriate subjects!


Within your session I may find areas where I feel it would be beneficial to implement tool work. The tools that I enjoy using in sessions include Gua-Sha pieces, an assortment of metal tools, and a cupping set. I could expand much more in depth regarding the tool work, but in a nutshell, they are used to assist in detecting and releasing fascial restrictions within the tissue. I have been trained extensively in using the tools, and I use them with nearly all of my clientele. The work is very effective and provides lasting results!


After your session, you will likely feel an increased range of motion at your joints, improved flexibility, and decreased muscular tension. It is also very common to feel an overall sense of relaxation and well-being post massage. Occasionally clients give feedback of feeling groggy or light-headed. I always encourage clients to focus on hydrating for the next 24 hours. Increased water intake will assist in re-hydrating the areas that were addressed within the session.


Based on your experience, and the results of your treatment, I will then recommend a plan moving forward. How often you should receive treatments will be based on the complexity of what you have going on in your body, as well as what your personal goals are in recovery.


When it seems necessary, I will encourage clients to seek out strengthening coaches, chiropractic work, and acupuncture treatments. I have found that approaching injuries and pain-management from many different angles proves to provide lasting good health. At times I even recommend clients seek out talk therapy or counseling.


I share the belief that the human experience is both simple and complex, and what we experience as a whole is very much interwoven into every fiber, of not only our physical body, but also our emotional body, our minds, and our spirits.


While I cannot provide any sort of official diagnosis, I can offer my knowledge, skillset, and my experience. If I personally feel that what I provide is not the key to your success, I can then do my best to recommend other professionals, who will assist you in your healing process.





Kaela-Rose Gentile